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Bioionix, innovation in seawater disinfection systems

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Tuesday 22 de February del 2022

Bioionix will be present in the new version of AquaSur 2022, an exhibition that gathers the aquaculture sector of the region, which will be held from March 2 to 4, in the city of Puerto Montt, Chile. Bioionix’s patented technology in the USA and Chile represents a breakthrough in the electrochemical treatment of liquid streams, overcoming the complex challenges of treating turbid liquids and/or liquids with high organic loads, which conventional methods such as ultraviolet radiation, filtration and aggressive chemical additives simply cannot solve. After nearly a decade of intensive research and experimentation, Bioionix systems work without chemicals or moving parts, destroying bacteria and other contaminants by creating SuperOxidantsMR that are powerful, long-lasting disinfectants from the liquid itself. Some of its useful applications for salmon farming are: – Treatment of water in process plants (disinfection of water in chiller, to produce Flow ice, for final product spraying, for effluent treatment, others), – Treatment of water contaminated by red tide in process plants or wellboats. The Bioionix system is approved by Sernapesca, since it eliminates red tide, listeria, salmonella and other microorganisms that deteriorate the product or generate biofilms. Using elements found in seawater, Bioionix treatment systems disinfect or treat the water you are using. The simplicity of our systems can eliminate those costly systems you are currently using, and can help you achieve the sustainability you desire while reducing your carbon footprint. Each system is integrated into the facility’s existing equipment, or installed as a stand-alone system. The automated control system monitors flow rates, energy supply and other parameters, providing reliable performance 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, minimizing energy use. In 2016, Bioionix introduced a second generation of systems, Coaxial Sanitary (CXSTM) and High Density Industrial (HDITM). Both systems are modular and scalable with sophisticated control functions designed to meet each customer’s needs for cleaning and sanitizing in multiple food processing environments. The CXSTM system is designed to 3A standards, which means plants can use a clean-in-place (CIP) process to completely clean equipment and piping. There are many advantages when comparing Bioionix to other technologies. Unlike UV, HPP, filtration and other methods, the additional benefit of using Bioionix is the residual disinfection that makes the process more efficient and effective. Residual disinfection provides continuous disinfection to the liquid stream, product and equipment. Bioionix has the ability to maximize the efficiency of the operation by treating turbid and contaminated process liquids in a single pass.