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Corfo awards new technological program for the development of huiro floater for more than $5.000 million

The initiative will be implemented in the Los Lagos region by Agricultura Oceánica Regenerativa SpA. Its objective is to consolidate regenerative cultivation technology and obtain products of high commercial interest.

Tuesday 5 de December del 2023

Aquasur celebrates World Aquaculture Day and highlights the relevance of the industry for our country

The most important fair in the sector will bring together more than 300 companies in the industry and will be held from March 19 to 21, 2024 in Puerto Montt.

Thursday 30 de November del 2023

At Aquasur Dinner:

Inform all the details of Aquasur 2024, the largest meeting of the aquaculture world to be held in Puerto Montt

-The exhibition and international congress will be held in the Los Lagos region, in a new venue that returns to the foot of the sea, giving greater identity and the possibility of outdoor exhibitions.

Friday 18 de August del 2023

Aquasur 2023 Dinner: The meeting of the aquaculture world highlighted aquaculture diversification and the importance of working together

The event was attended by more than 380 participants from associations, foundations and companies in the industry, as well as public authorities from the Los Lagos Region.

Friday 11 de August del 2023

Aquasur 2023 Dinner: Aquaculture will meet in the Los Lagos region to connect from the gastronomy of the sea

After a successful Aquasur Tech 2023, the first workshop and seminar on technologies for the sustainability of the aquaculture industry held in Punta Arenas, the organization informed that the Aquasur Dinner “Gastronomic Experience: connecting the sea from aquaculture” will be held, which will bring together the main exponents and authorities of the industry with entrepreneurs of small-scale aquaculture (APE).

Thursday 8 de June del 2023

AquaSur 2022 international exhibition and congress ends with positive results

The fair was attended by more than 15 thousand visitors and is estimated to have generated close to US $150 million in business.

Friday 4 de March del 2022

AquaSur has begun: close to 12 thousand visitors and more than US$ 150 million in business generation are expected.

During the fair, more than 1000 brands will be exhibited, with the participation of 35 countries from Norway, Spain, United States, Canada, Denmark, China, Japan, Korea, France and Portugal, among others.

Thursday 3 de March del 2022

A great day of international congress was experienced at AquaSur 2022: “Blue Trilogy: ocean, aquaculture and society, feeding the future”.

The international congress presented the challenges of the aquaculture sector, its future development and the new technologies needed to achieve a more sustainable industry.

Thursday 3 de March del 2022

Within the framework of AquaSur 2022, the international congress “Blue Trilogy: ocean, aquaculture and society, feeding the future” will be held.

The XI version of the most important aquaculture exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, AquaSur 2022, to be held between March 2 and 4 in Puerto Montt, will have a full and interesting program of activities.

Tuesday 8 de February del 2022

Lucas Palacios, Minister of Economy, stressed that “the sector currently presents opportunities such as productive diversification and value addition, and challenges that cannot be postponed, such as dealing with climate change”

AquaSur 2022, the most important aquaculture exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, returns to Puerto Montt next Wednesday, March 2, through Friday, March 4. 

Monday 7 de February del 2022

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