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AquaSur 2022 international exhibition and congress ends with positive results

The fair was attended by more than 15 thousand visitors and is estimated to have generated close to US $150 million in business.

Publicada: Friday 4 de March del 2022
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The fair was attended by more than 15 thousand visitors and is estimated to have generated close to US $150 million in business. AquaSur’s executive director, Rodrigo Lobo, announced that the next version will be held in March 2024. Puerto Montt, 04.03.2022. The XI version of AquaSur 2022, the most relevant aquaculture exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, culminated with a positive balance, with the participation of national exhibitors from Norway, Spain, United States, Canada, Denmark, China, Japan, Korea, France and Portugal, among others. The executive director of AquaSur, Rodrigo Lobo, emphasized that “we are very happy because we have had a very successful version of AquaSur 2022, with great enthusiasm of the actors and a historic participation of national and international exhibitors who presented surprising technological innovations for the aquaculture sector”. Lobo added that “during the 3 days of the fair, more than 1,000 brands from 35 countries were exhibited, with more than 15 thousand visitors from 16 countries and more than US$ 150 million in business opportunities were generated”. AquaSur 2023 and 2024 In view of Chile’s role in the world aquaculture industry, the event succeeded in promoting sustainability in the industry, providing tools for development in the country, and contributed to the relationship between companies, generating business opportunities and boosting the creation of direct and indirect jobs that are produced around the fair. In this context, and in view of the importance of the aquaculture exhibition at regional and national level, the executive director Rodrigo Lobo announced the new version of the fair. “Today, at the culmination of the largest aquaculture exhibition ever held in the country, we can say that the eyes of the world’s industry are on Chile. This is why we are announcing the future version of AquaSur, which will be held again in the Los Lagos Region, specifically in Puerto Montt. You are all cordially invited to participate in the version of AquaSur 2024”. On the occasion, he also emphasized that “we believe it is very important to keep the aquaculture sector connected and given that in the Magallanes Region the salmon sector is becoming a relevant industry, we want to inform that we will bring the sector together again in a Congress and an exhibition in Punta Arenas on March 8 and 9, 2023”.

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