Technical Talks

Presentations given by exhibitors, who share their latest technologies, innovations, products and services.
Theses presentations or activities are given and promoted by each company. Each company is responsible to promote their conference.
Aqua Sur will promote the Technical talks on our web site and RRSS

The rooms of technical talks are enabled with the following equipment: 


  • 45 minutes off exhibition (including time for attendee questions)
  • Heated room
  • 40 chairs
  • Computer
  • Data show and projection equipment
  • Amplification.
    There are 02 ways to participe with a technical talk
    If you are an exhibitor, the value is USD 345
    If you are NOT an exhibitor, the value is USD 530


The technicals talks program will be delivered to all AQUASUR visitors.
To request more information about available hours, contact at