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This Thursday the aquaculture sector will meet in Los Lagos: Aquasur Dinner returns to connect the industry through gastronomy

The activity will bring together various leaders of the sector with the aim of highlighting the relevance of aquaculture for the country and in particular for the Southern South zone.

Publicada: Monday 7 de August del 2023
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On Thursday, August 10 at the Hotel Enjoy in Puerto Varas, the awaited meeting of the aquaculture industry will return: The Aquasur Dinner 2023. In its new version, the aquaculture industry dinner will be under the concept of “Gastronomic Experience: connecting the sea from aquaculture”. The activity will bring together various leaders of the sector with the aim of highlighting the relevance of aquaculture for the country and in particular for the Southern South zone. It will be a meeting point for the actors that make regional and zonal development possible, from aquaculture, with the participation of regional authorities, unions, aquaculture workers and the aquaculture community, among others. In this new meeting of the aquaculture world, the participants will be able to enjoy a networking space with a gourmet proposal based on products cultivated in the sea. The event will present five gastronomic experiences, offering the opportunity to taste preparations that highlight the products cultivated by fish farmers, and the activity and the people behind each aquaculture flavor experience: -First Gastronomic Experience will highlight the Chilean oyster, a marine mollusk of great economic and gastronomic importance for Chile that has a high nutritional value due to its high content of vitamins and minerals, including iron and zinc. -The Second Gastronomic Experience will emphasize the importance of oysters, a mollusk that inhabits coastal bottoms below the intertidal line, which is considered a widely developed crop, highly appreciated for its distinctive flavor and elegant appearance when prepared. Chile stands out for being one of the world’s main producers of farmed oysters, presenting a high international demand, currently extending the farming experiences to the southern austral zone. -The Third Gastronomic Experience will give importance to the mitílidos, a Chilean product that has become one of the main exporters worldwide, being the second main producer after China. To date, it is one of the products that stand out in Chilean cuisine, giving way to diverse preparations. -The Fourth Gastronomic Experience will feature the presentation of seaweed, a market that is an important source of income for many people in Chile. It began to be harvested in the 1960s and currently it has been estimated that about 11 thousand people depend on the extraction of brown algae. Algae aquaculture in Chile is an area of potential development and aquaculture diversification, with only 4% of the algae coming from aquaculture concentrated in the southern austral zone. Macroalgae aquaculture is an expanding market and Chile has an incredible opportunity to be a world power in this industry. -The Fifth Gastronomic Experience will highlight the salmon, a product cultivated in the southern austral zone of Chile, which positions Chile as an aquaculture country, with salmon being the second most exported national product after copper. Standing out for its relevant role in global aquaculture, thanks to its position as the second largest producer of salmonids, Chile concentrates 25% of the world production with a high technological level, high regulatory standards and human capacities that allow the achievements of this key player in national aquaculture. The Aquasur 2023 Dinner will also feature local cultural expression through the staging of dances of Chiloé mythology and Patagonian culture, presented by the Ballet Folklorico Tupa Marka, and the presentation of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Cultural Corporation of Puerto Montt. The aquaculture meeting will provide its participants with various opportunities for networking between companies, the public and private sectors, and the presentation of various fish farmers, suppliers and entrepreneurs united to highlight the importance of the aquaculture industry for our country and the Southern South Zone in particular. The event organized by Aquasur, of the GL events Group, is sponsored by Terminales Marítimos de la Patagonia Chile (TMP) as Main Sponsor; Chevron and Esmax as Invitational Sponsors; CTR as sponsor of the Toast of Honor; the Salmon Council, Magallanes Salmon Farmers Association and SalmonChile as Collaborators and the presence of production companies such as MultiX, Camanchaca, Blumar, Cermaq, Mowi, Australis Mar, small-scale fish farmers and union representatives together with academics and suppliers, all gathered at the aquaculture industry dinner, highlighting its importance at the national level. Fisa’s deputy general manager, Rodrigo Lobo, said that “this week we will meet again to present a new experience, seeking to continue promoting the relationship between the aquaculture sector and the development of the industry. We will also present the new guidelines for Aquasur 2024, the largest aquaculture meeting in the Southern Hemisphere, which will be held in Puerto Montt, with the premiere of a new and optimized seafront venue, together with our Mail Sponsor, the TMP venue. We invite the whole sector to be part of it”. Secure a space at the Aquasur 2023 Dinner!

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