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The aquaculture industry knows the details of the new versions AquaSur Tech 2023 and AquaSur 2024

The first meeting will be held in the Magallanes region, while the exhibition and international congress in 2024 will be held in the Los Lagos region, in a new venue that returns to the foot of the sea.

Publicada: Tuesday 16 de August del 2022
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The first meeting will be held in the Magallanes region, while the exhibition and international congress in 2024 will be held in the Los Lagos region, in a new venue that returns to the foot of the sea. Tuesday, August 16, 2022 – The AquaSur 2022 Dinner brought together exponents of the aquaculture industry, who consolidated Chile’s important role in the challenges of global aquaculture, reaffirming the industry’s commitment to economic, social and labor growth that contributes to the regions and to the food security of the future. The event, which was held at the Hotel Enjoy in Puerto Varas, was attended by more than 400 leaders from the aquaculture world, demonstrating the high interest of this industry in promoting and strengthening its development. The meeting was an opportunity to strengthen ties in the aquaculture world between producers, unions, suppliers, and public authorities of the Los Lagos region, opening possibilities to generate new business and long-term links that enable more agile and reliable processes, encouraging joint growth. At the event, Fisa’s general manager, Francisco Sotomayor, emphasized that “it is very important to keep the aquaculture sector connected, which is why we are organizing the AquaSur 2022 Dinner. We want everyone to be part of it, to promote collaborative work and maintain the contact networks that, in every sense, are of utmost importance for the Chilean aquaculture world”. Ernesto Pasalacqua, Salmofood’s business manager, emphasized that “this was the first dinner, after having lived through a pandemic and various events that have kept us apart. This is an important moment. We met again in a positive mood, where we all did our part, and we are left with the feeling that this is an industry that is building for the future and that it will overcome the difficult times”. AQUASUR TECH 2023 – AQUASUR 2024 During the dinner, a new event was announced, AquaSur Tech 2023, designed to bring together the technological and knowledge vanguard of the aquaculture industry, which aims to generate a frontier Networking, bringing together suppliers, producers and users around a Workshop with companies presenting pilots and cutting-edge technologies, as well as a Congress to address a transformational aquaculture in three lines of work: Regional development and socio-ecological planning around the ocean; Connectivity, logistics and entrepreneurship; and Sustainable management of the Oceans and Climate Change. In his speech, Sotomayor gave the details of AquaSur Tech 2023, explaining its main guidelines and inviting the industry to be part of this activity to continue promoting Chilean aquaculture development. “It will take place in the Magallanes region and will be based on a Workshop and an International Congress, in which start-ups, local companies, global industry suppliers and research centers will present their prototypes and latest innovations, exhibiting the latest advances that are improving the sustainability and efficiency of aquaculture production locally and internationally, also providing solutions to relevant problems in the industry”. Along the same lines, the executive director of GL events announced AquaSur 2024, which, in its new version, will have an exhibition space and international congress located at the foot of the sea. “We have acquired a new venue, the Patagonia Maritime Terminal in Puerto Montt, where products and services related to the aquaculture industry can be displayed in an improved and high-level scenario facing the sea. We will also have state-of-the-art content and hope to attract both national and international actors,” said Sotomayor. Regarding the AquaSur Tech 2023 and AquaSur 2024 meetings, Arturo Clement, President of Salmon Chile, said that “both are events that help integration, development and strengthening of the industry in different aspects”. He also invited the aquaculture world to participate and meet again in AquaSur Tech 2023 to be held in Magallanes in March 2023. Finally, the general manager of GL events indicated that “the sustainable ties that we build when we meet are relevant for the success of the companies and of an industry as relevant as aquaculture, which is projected to be one of the main sources of protein to feed almost 10 billion people by the year 2050. This is why we are waiting for you at the most important meeting to articulate the aquaculture that will feed the world from the Southern Hemisphere”.

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