Protected Borders Plan

Requirements and measures for entering Chilean territory: Who is eligible to enter Chilean territory: i. Chileans and foreigners residing in Chile (through any open border crossing). ii. Non-resident foreigners (only exceptions, through any open border crossing): Safe conduct issued by the consulate of origin. Decree 102 of the Ministry of the Interior. Which are the requirements to enter Chilean territory: 1. Affidavit: The traveler must complete a “Traveler Affidavit” form electronically and up to 48 hours before boarding. This form is to provide your contact information, your health and trip information, in addition to accepting the country’s entry terms and conditions. The form is available at:, and it will be required by the airline when boarding, and by the health authority upon entering the country. 2. PCR Test: Travelers must attach a negative result of their PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 to their Traveler Affidavit. This negative test result may not be older than 72 hours, counted from the sampling to the time of departure of the last flight whose destination is Chile, if entering the country by air. In case of entering by land, it may not be older than 72 hours from the sampling for the test up to the moment of entering the country. This test result will be required by the airline when boarding and by the health authority upon entering the country. Children under two years of age are exempt from this requirement. 3. Travel medical insurance: this requirement is only for non-resident foreigners, who may only enter the country for exceptional reasons or bearing a safe-conduct issued by the consulate. The traveler must attach to the Traveler Affidavit a Certificate of Medical Insurance Coverage for expenses caused by medical assistance, hospital care and repatriation, for their entire period of stay in the country, including coverage of any expenses caused by Covid-19. The minimum amount of such health care coverage must be US$ 30,000. The insurance certificate must be attached to the Traveler Affidavit prior to entering the country.

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