Cena Aqua-Sur 2023

This August 10 in the city of Puerto Varas, the Aquasur 2023 dinner will be held, an event that brings together aquaculture farmers, their suppliers, their workers and relevant authorities of the sector, to meet around the importance of aquaculture for the southern austral zone. The event is sponsored by the Association of Salmon Farmers of Magallanes and the Salmon Council and sponsored by SalmonChile and is organized by AQUASUR, of the GL events group, in conjunction with Fundación Cocina Mar. AQUASUR 2023 DINNER: Gastronomic Experience “Connecting with Aquaculture”. The Aquasur 2023 dinner will make live five gastronomic and audiovisual experiences, sponsored by companies that are part of the national aquaculture ecosystem. Four of these experiences will be prepared with seafood products cultivated by small-scale aquaculturists in coordination with Fundación Cocina Mar, with the aim of highlighting aquaculturists and their work in providing quality seafood for a healthy and local diet. The gastronomic experience number 5 will revolve around salmon aquaculture, its environment, workers, culture, product and preparations that will be highlighted in a salmon buffet provided by Salmon Chile. The meeting will also highlight the local culture, with presentations that will highlight the mythologies and artistic production of the southern austral zone. Aquaculture meets at the AQUASUR 2023 Dinner and highlights the importance of this activity for the South Austral zone. For those wishing to participate in the meeting, please contact info@aquasur.cl

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