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AquaSur Tech: The technology fair for salmon farming arrives in Punta Arenas

Between March 29 and 30, 2023, the AquaSur Tech fair will be held at the Dreams Casino in Punta Arenas, with the objective of making the aquaculture activity carried out in the Magallanes Region more visible.

Publicada: Thursday 26 de January del 2023
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Between March 29 and 30, 2023, the AquaSur Tech fair will take place, an event that will be held at the Dreams Casino in Punta Arenas and whose objective is to make visible the aquaculture activity that takes place in the Magallanes region. “AquaSur Tech offers the possibility of being able to match technology gaps with suppliers, thinking that they are the creators of solutions that can transform aquaculture so that it can feed the world by 2030”, explained Paula Miranda, aquaculture and agro-technology project manager of GL Events. The fair organized by Fisa and GL Events, and which also has the support of the Association of Salmon and Trout Producers of Magallanes, is designed in such a way that salmon producers will be available, in technical committees, with decision makers, and suppliers will be able to present their transformational technologies and knowledge, so that salmon producers can look, in a workshop, at the solutions that are available or the pilots or solution projects that are being developed. “The fair will be open to the community, but we also want it to have a look inside the industry. The invitation is to the production companies to participate in the technological offer that will be present in AquaSur Tech, as well as to get involved with the different actors that are presenting these technological ideas. We also want to build this event together with the producer companies, to generate this connection to create this initiative”, said Carlos Odebret, president of the Association of Salmon and Trout Producers of Magallanes. According to the representative of the regional producers, “AquaSur Tech is a great opportunity to form and build aquaculture culture in the region. The industry already has a size, structure and productive chain that has the obligation to be introduced in the local culture, and thus insert ourselves with the community, the workers and all the actors”. The event will include technology demonstration stands and a congress that aims to connect global trends with local initiatives and case studies. “We hope that this fair will become a recurring event, to be held every odd-numbered year before AquaSur, and that it will bring cutting-edge technologies to the Magallanes Region”, concluded Paula Miranda.

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