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Aquasur 2023 Dinner: The meeting of the aquaculture world highlighted aquaculture diversification and the importance of working together

The event was attended by more than 380 participants from associations, foundations and companies in the industry, as well as public authorities from the Los Lagos Region.

Publicada: Friday 11 de August del 2023
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-The event was attended by more than 380 participants from associations, foundations and companies in the industry, as well as public authorities from the Los Lagos Region. -The meeting of the aquaculture industry presented a networking space that stood out by presenting a new gourmet sample based on five products cultivated in the sea. Friday, August 11, 2023 – In the city of Puerto Varas, the Aquasur 2023 Dinner was a success, bringing together once again the main exponents of the aquaculture sector at the national level, revalidating Chile’s important role in the global industry. The meeting brought together aquaculturists, suppliers, unions, foundations and workers of the sector from different regions, as well as relevant authorities of the sector, demonstrating the high interest in promoting and strengthening the development of the country. The event reaffirmed the commitment of the sector with the main leaders of the aquaculture industry, seeking to strengthen the relationship between companies and SMEs, and reaffirming the importance of aquaculture for the southern-Australian area of the country. The event provided an opportunity to strengthen ties, opening up new opportunities to generate business or long-term links that enable more agile and reliable processes, encouraging joint growth. In this new version, a new format was presented in which those present enjoyed five high-level gastronomic experiences, which highlighted national products, offering a proposal based on products cultivated in the sea, highlighting the diversity of crops and fisheries, which to date contribute significantly to economic growth, generating more job opportunities and domestic and foreign investment. The first four experiences included the presentation and tasting of Chilean oysters, oysters, mussels and seaweed, cultivated by small-scale fish farmers in coordination with Fundación Cocina Mar, highlighting the sustainable work of countless coastal communities, especially in the regions of the northern and southern central-southern macro-zone. It also emphasized their important work that allows Chileans to have quality seafood for a healthy diet. The fifth gastronomic experience emphasized the importance of salmon, the second most traded Chilean product abroad after copper, which has positioned the country as the second largest international producer, exporting approximately 25% of the salmon consumed in the world. Aquasur’s executive director, Rodrigo Lobo, stated that “Chile is undoubtedly a leading player in the production and export of top quality salmon to the world. In addition, we are the world’s second largest exporter of mithilids. Likewise, our country is moving towards aquaculture diversification, and therefore, we feel responsible for highlighting and emphasizing the centrality of the industry for our country, its development and economic growth”. “Chile is a country with a vocation for aquaculture, where in the southern austral zone the salmon industry stands out as a leader in the activity, so we will continue to play a role and be protagonists at the forefront globally in this area, with a clear and sustainable course to feed the future, from the cultivation of our sea,” Lobo said. The president of the Magallanes Salmon Farmers Association, Carlos Odebret, highlighted the meeting and its important attendance. “It was an interesting meeting of the aquaculture world. These spaces contribute to strengthen the links of the sector, which are especially important in the current scenario in which there is a growing demand for aquaculture products and in the framework of an activity subject to many pressures and restrictions in the country”. Paula Miranda, manager of Aquasur 2024, said that the purpose of the dinner was to resume a tradition based on innovation, increasing networking among the attendees. “It was a cross-cutting meeting in which small and large aquaculturists connected. We are happy to announce that the Aquasur Dinner had more than 380 attendees, a balance that we consider very positive that demonstrates the high interest in continuing to work together for national aquaculture.” “We were able to see the human side of the industry. Its people and aquaculture pride live and direct, experiencing the flavors of the work of cultivating the sea, where Chile is and must continue to be a power in global aquaculture,” added Miranda. The event was organized by Aquasur, of the GL Events Group, with the collaboration of the Cocinamar Foundation, and was sponsored by SalmonChile, the Magallanes Salmon Farmers Association and the Salmon Council. AQUACULTURE INITIATIVES The dinner featured a press point where Mark Menzies, British MP and UK Special Trade Envoy, announced the “Blue Bridge” initiative, inviting all domestic aquaculture producers to participate. “Through the Blue Bridge initiative, we want to establish a bridge between Chilean aquaculture technology suppliers and the thriving Scottish aquaculture market. It aims to drive innovation, economic growth and sustainability in both Chile and the UK. This program offers a unique opportunity for Chilean aquaculture technology suppliers to participate in a 6-month program, receiving personalized support, introductions to the UK market and a trip to Scotland to participate in AquacultureUK 2024,” said Menzies. The Blue Bridge program is an initiative that by fostering strategic partnerships and showcasing innovative solutions, will contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the UK and Chilean aquaculture sectors, seeking to create a multiplier effect on sustainability, inspiring others to adopt responsible practices and ensuring a better future for the global aquaculture industry. In addition, Imagine Waves announced its call for aquaculture startups, which provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to transform the future of sustainable food. The initiative aims to identify and support early stage ventures, i.e. from prototype stage, until they have their first sales, in the aquaculture sector. “This microfund is focused on providing startups in specific niches with a combination of capital, industry connections and acceleration and then connecting them to other sources of funding. We are very excited about our partnership with AquaSur to combine Imagine’s experience, methodologies and tools to identify concrete challenges, connect and collaborate efficiently with the actors of this ecosystem”, concluded Max Johansson, Director of Imagine Waves.

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