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XYLEM: Advanced integrated solutions for every stage of aquaculture

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Wednesday 19 de January del 2022

Xylem will be present at the next edition of AquaSur, to be held March 2-4, 2022, in Puerto Montt. Xylem, a company dedicated for decades to collaborate with fish farmers, original equipment manufacturers, integrators, fry transport vessel manufacturers and processing plants. From hatchery to market, we understand the challenges facing the aquaculture industry. We design and manufacture a wide range of systems for all aquaculture-related applications. Our Aquaculture Center of Excellence has more than 40 years of knowledge and experience working with land-based non-recirculating and recirculating systems (RAS) as well as open ocean grow-out systems. Within these applications nothing is more critical to their success than H2O. Water quality, however, is increasingly difficult to maintain and control. With new pathogens, more frequent algal blooms and drug-resistant sea lice, the risks to efficient production and profitable growth continue to increase. We can help you turn your biggest challenges into new opportunities. Land-based recirculation systems (RAS and Flow-through) : Xylem offers a wide range of water and wastewater management solutions to ensure the safety of your recirculation system operations, with HDPE UV disinfection equipment, Vertical Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Monitoring and Control, Instrumentation to monitor water quality, Agitators, End-suction Pumps. Offshore grow-out systems: Xylem’s hydraulics experts have partnered with pioneering cage design companies to offer pumping and treatment solutions that ensure fish welfare and minimize mortality, without the use of harmful chemicals, with solutions that include Submersible Column Pumps, Water Quality Instruments and Agitators. Fry transport vessels: Xylem offers efficient pumping and UV disinfection equipment to provide a higher level of biosecurity. In addition, the use of our ozone generators to disinfect seawater is an effective way to keep transport tanks hygienic and clean. By-product processing and handling plants: Xylem offers effective solutions for pumping and UV disinfection of supply water, silage systems for hygienic waste management and by-product recovery, sludge management and wastewater treatment solutions. Estuary systems: Xylem provides pumps for controlled water supply from a river or canal, as well as aeration systems with blowers and fine bubble diffusers to increase the amount of oxygen available to fish and improve waste disposal processes. Xylem also offers instrumentation that measures water flow, dissolved oxygen and pH, as well as alerts operators to potential problems.