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Within the framework of the AquaSur 2022 fair, Fibras Industriales Chile S.A. will present Fibra Xtracore+, extra-resistant.

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Thursday 27 de January del 2022

With more than 70 years in the market, leader in the production and commercialization of nets for the fishing and aquaculture sectors, in this version of the fair Aquasur 2022, Fibras Industriales Chile S.A. will present a revolutionary product called Xtracore+. A fiber composed of a first and second layer of braided polyethylene, plus a third inner layer of DSM filaments, a fiber lighter and stronger than steel. This new extra-strong fiber formula was manufactured after extensive research and strength testing, achieving a balance between price, durability and quality. Salmon industry customers may request the information they require, according to their engineering needs and thus obtain a net, according to their expectations of duration, to combat the onslaught of nature, both for the adverse Patagonian climate, currents and tides, and also to reduce the risks of the constant threat of wildlife, such as the dreaded sea lions that constantly stalk the farming centers. This innovative product is already available to be marketed to various industries, and we are proud to say that Xtracore+ has been installed in more than 20 cultivation centers in the southern austral south, so we invite you to learn about its features at our booth B223.