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Veterinary Histopathology Center

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Friday 21 de January del 2022

VEHICE will be one of the exhibitors that will be present at the XI version of AquaSur, an exhibition that brings together the aquaculture sector of the region and that, for the first time, will have a hybrid format, whose edition will be held between March 2 and 4, 2022 in the city of Puerto Montt, Los Lagos region. VEHICE is the leading histology laboratory, we offer laboratory services for the aquaculture industry, in order to solve their health problems and prevent diseases. We are specialists in performing different studies, such as health status evaluations, gill monitoring, diet evaluations, deformity studies, toxicological studies, among others. With our services we have helped clients in the aquaculture industry around the world to take preventive and corrective measures to improve health and production performance. We have an international team of professionals, specialists in histopathology, morphology and advanced pathology, with more than 40 years of experience in veterinary pathology, who provide permanent advice to our clients. Our goal is to make available our experience and knowledge to contribute to improve the health status, animal welfare and sustainability of the aquaculture industry. This year in Aquasur we will be offering our Histology services, which is the technique through which tissues are analyzed, where the cellular structures and components are observed, detecting alterations that could be associated to pathologies of different types and origins. Histology is the definitive diagnostic test (Gold test) for the confirmation of pathological diagnoses. We have a wide portfolio of histological analysis services that include quantification (Data), semi-quantification (Score), special histochemical stains, immunohistochemistry and pathogen detection. In addition, we want to offer our customers our new services that correspond to two new areas, the area of Imaging and Radiology and the area of Clinical Pathology and Gasometry. Imaging and radiology is a branch of medicine that uses imaging technology to diagnose and treat diseases. Radiological diagnosis helps to visualize structures of the animal and detect alterations that may be present that indicate a particular pathology. Our laboratory is implemented with state-of-the-art technology capable of making diagnoses in very early stages of development, due to the high sensitivity of the equipment and resolution of the images. Clinical pathology is a science that uses clinical analyses that evaluate the physiological condition of the patient in clinical practice and in the study of animal diseases. Hematology, blood biochemistry, fluid analysis and cytodiagnosis are considered as part of this discipline. Through these analyses we investigate the presence, quantity or characteristics of a substance, cell or other element that comes to be called “analyte” in a biological fluid from a patient, obtaining an evaluation of the state of health in a short period of time. In VEHICE we want to provide the best service to our customers, for this reason the development of our services is focused to meet their needs, help them solve their health problems and new challenges that arise, we leave you cordially invited to visit us at AquaSur at booth A342.