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ULOG has managed to develop and innovate through integral logistic solutions for the Logistics Chain, becoming a relevant actor in the Salmon Industry.

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Friday 21 de January del 2022

Between March 2 and 4, in Puerto Montt, AquaSur2022, the most important aquaculture, salmon farming and water resources exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, will be held, where ULOG, Ultramar Chile’s logistics operator, will be one of the exhibitors. In ULOG, we are in charge of integrating the entire chain: maritime and land transportation, warehousing and storage, cargo services, distribution of supplies and products, intermediate logistics, among others, trying to deliver optimal solutions to all our customers. Our mission is not only to take care of the logistics operation, but to become a strategic partner for the development of our customers. Our purpose is to provide solutions that generate value and contribute to develop efficient but above all reliable logistic processes, through a deep understanding of the operational and commercial needs of the industry in its different layers, integrating producers, processing and packing plants, feed producers, treatment plants, fisheries, and in general those who today contribute in their different roles in the salmon logistic chain. Today our main operations are focused on two areas, the logistics of supply processes and intermediate processes such as by-products, and also the logistics of the finished product itself, transferring it to its various interregional and international destinations. Likewise, we are part of the project cargo logistics, logistics that has allowed us to transfer equipment and materials for the different construction and infrastructure projects of plants in the area. We wish to continue contributing to the industry through the generation of logistics models, highly capable of reacting efficiently and reliably to the constant changes in the environment. This, through the ability to understand the evolving needs of all actors involved in this chain and the different scenarios they face, increasing technology and reliability in the logistics process. During our exhibition in AquaSur 2022, we wish to share our experience and with it, the logistics solutions for the different challenges in the present and future issues of the logistics chain of the Industry, focusing on our capabilities in the different maritime and land fronts and in the different layers of the logistics chain.