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UK Trade Envoy to attend Aquasur 2023 dinner

-Mark Menzies will announce a support program for Chilean companies supplying technology for the aquaculture sector.

Publicada: Wednesday 2 de August del 2023
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– Mark Menzies will announce a support program for Chilean companies supplying technology for the aquaculture sector. The British parliamentarian, appointed by the Prime Minister to promote trade relations between Chile and the United Kingdom, Mark Menzies, will travel to Puerto Varas accompanied by the British Ambassador, Louise de Sousa, to participate in the dinner organized by Aquasur on Thursday, August 10 at 19.00 hrs at the Hotel Enjoy. The main reason for his visit will be to announce a support program for Chilean companies supplying technology for the aquaculture sector seeking to expand their operations to the United Kingdom. Chilean companies interested in this program will be able to apply to an open competition and the winners will participate in a softlanding followed by a five-day trade mission to Scotland, with the objective of connecting with the local ecosystem and participating in AquacultureUK 2024, partially funded by the British government. These activities will be crucial in establishing the partnerships and collaborations needed to drive the development and deployment of sustainable aquaculture technologies and practices in both nations. The agenda for the visit to Scotland will be structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Scottish aquaculture industry, including visits to production sites and meetings with potential partners. The purpose of these visits would be to learn about the Scottish aquaculture industry, establish contacts with potential partners and explore opportunities for collaboration. Objectives of the visit to Puerto Varas: – Promote the commercial relationship between Chile and the United Kingdom in the aquaculture sector. – Establish a network of commercial alliances between Chilean and UK aquaculture technology suppliers, with a focus on creating value and driving innovation in the sector. – Facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration between Chilean and British aquaculture technology companies and research institutions. – Support the development and implementation of sustainable aquaculture technologies and practices, including those that reduce waste, improve feed efficiency and minimize environmental impact. – Promote the adoption of science-based approaches to sustainable aquaculture, utilizing the expertise of academic and research institutions in both countries. Notes to editors: – Mark Menzies: member of the British Parliament for the Fylde constituency, fulfills the role of Trade Envoy appointed by the British Prime Minister to promote the UK’s trade relations with Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru. He has been an active member of the Conservative Party since 1987. His priorities are international trade, energy security in the UK, support for local businesses and entrepreneurs and the domestic defense industry. – Louise de Sousa: British Ambassador to Chile, she is the highest representative of the British government in the country. She previously headed the Mediterranean Department in the European Directorate, and before that she was head of the Human Rights and Democracy Department in the British Foreign Office. During her career, Louise has been posted as Second Secretary in Brasilia from 1993 to 1996, Deputy High Commissioner in Maputo from 2003 to 2006 and in the same role in Nairobi from 2007 to 2011. Prior to arriving in Chile, she was British Ambassador to Tunisia.

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