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The most important laboratory in the world reinforces its presence in the Chilean aquaculture sector

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Friday 21 de January del 2022

The most important food safety laboratory chain in the world is already present in Puerto Montt, to offer the best service to the aquaculture industry in the area and will participate as an exhibitor in the XI version of AquaSur2022. In MÉRIEUX NUTRISCIENCIES we are dedicated to protect the health of consumers around the world, by providing a wide range of analysis and consulting services to the food industry. We are specialists in food safety and are present in more than 80 countries, with more than 100 accredited laboratories worldwide. We have strong technical teams and laboratories with the highest quality standards. In Chile, we have vast experience in the aquaculture industry. Our focus is to serve and accompany our customers throughout the value chain and understand their needs based on transversal cooperation, focusing on services with better solutions and added value. Over the years, we have positioned our company in a relevant and integrated way in the Aquaculture Industry, addressing areas of the production chain, nutrition and quality with services in the area of innocuousness. We provide answers through our 3 laboratories in Chile; two of them are located in Puerto Montt and one in Rancagua, which allows us to diversify and better serve our current and potential customers. This is how we are able to deliver complete solutions to the entire production chain of the industry, from production to the final consumer, offering better traceability, high quality and confidence to our customers. We serve the aquaculture industry with a thematic in our laboratories with chemical and microbiological analysis of high demand and the strictest quality standards, to obtain reliable results under current international standards. In the same way, we offer preventive and control programs on the entire food chain, from raw materials to finished products. Our services: World Leader in Food Safety – Laboratory services World leader in food safety. – Microbiological and chemical analysis to serve the aquaculture industry with management tools that support our customers. – INN NCh 17025 / NCh 17020 accredited laboratories and with Sernapesca authorization. – Technical support to our customers in compliance with regulatory requirements.