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Thursday 27 de January del 2022

In early March, the largest national and international aquaculture suppliers’ fair will be held in Puerto Montt, and the Norwegian company Steen-Hansen will participate in this new version. Steen-Hansen, founded in 1932, has been located on the outskirts of Bergen in Norway since 1947. For years a supplier of decorative paints, it is now a leading company in antifouling and coatings for aquaculture nets, with a presence in most of the important regions in industrial aquaculture, including Norway, Chile, the United Kingdom and the Mediterranean. Steen-Hansen is committed to finding antifouling solutions for the aquaculture industry, sustainability in general and fish welfare in particular. Through specialized knowledge and willingness to innovate, playing a relevant role in the industry’s efforts to improve its performance and environmental care. Our objectives are: 1.-An acceptable environmental footprint, reducing net copper emissions. 2.-Improve animal welfare and gill health, reducing the use of in-situ washing. 3- Reduced biological cost, lowering stress and increasing survival. One of our products AquaNet HG360, was approved in April 2021 by the Norwegian Environmental Agency (NEA) and in August 2021 receives the authorization by the Spanish Ministry of Health. It is therefore included in the list of products approved by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA). Steen-Hansen maintains close cooperation with aquaculture producers, net manufacturers and service providers. In addition, other entities such as Research Institute of Sweden (RISE), Institute of Marine Research of Norway (IMR), Norwegian Norce Research, University of Bergen, Sintef and Janssen PMP are part of the external research environment we access. We have implemented “Product Stewardship”, which requires a holistic approach throughout the product life cycle. So our manufacturing, offshore use and as a residue our products will be safe, recyclable and have a proper effect. That is why we use recycled copper and biodegradable organic biocides. We have adopted the United Nations sustainability goals in our strategy and identified specific actions to achieve these goals.