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Sudvet Corp: Leader in the development and sustainable solutions for aquaculture and animal production.

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Thursday 27 de January del 2022

The company, Sudvet Corp, will be one of the exhibitors that will be present in the new version of AquaSur 2022, to be held between March 2 and 4, in the city of Puerto Montt. Chile. The company develops and delivers natural, sustainable solutions for animal and aquaculture production. These tools focused on environmental protection support animal production, improve efficiency, health and productive performance in all species. We are focused on innovation and development of natural alternatives with their efficient use strategy. We offer high quality products and services, providing follow up support and confidence to our customers. We are focused on protecting the environment, safeguarding natural resources and making animal production more efficient in this way. Our team is dedicated to the needs of animal production and aquaculture. Among them we work with specialists in different areas such as: nutrition, fish health, entomologists, veterinarians, agronomists, microbiologists, academics, pharmacists, scientists and technicians to provide the best service and/or product. We work under a sustainable business model through natural alternatives. We remain at the forefront of our business, through continuous research and development to meet the new health and production challenges facing the salmon and animal industry. In our product portfolio, we have alternatives to naturally protect animals from bacterial and parasitic diseases and focus on animal welfare and growth. Currently, for the aquaculture industry we have immersion products and feed additives, such as: Lyptus Plus, Rosseus Plus, Welf care Plus, C3COS and Eucabiotics.