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Friday 21 de January del 2022

AquaSur2022, the most important aquaculture, salmon farming and water resources exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, will be held in Puerto Montt between March 2 and 4, where Sicpa, together with the Universidad de Concepción, will be one of the exhibitors. SICPA, a Swiss company leader in traceability solutions for industries and governments, together with the University of Concepción, a prestigious national university recognized for its quality and innovations, will be at AquaSur 2022 to showcase technological solutions that support the responsible and sustainable exploitation of resources, protect producers, brands and products against counterfeiting attempts, ensure regulatory compliance and effectively train work teams. Our offer includes: – Automatic species recognition: vision system powered by artificial intelligence tools, capable of automatically recognizing fish species or other natural resources at high speed. It can be implemented in conveyor belts at unloading points, process plants or others, guaranteeing an objective and reliable result. – E-Learning for the aquaculture and fishing industry: Technology at the service of education and training. We present a new platform that will allow industries and authorities to train their teams by subjecting them to realistic situations, conditions and environments, advised by Acuiestudios and supported by Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology developed by DTS. The exercises include: training of operational and technical personnel of the salmon industry, example of environmental contingencies associated with fish escapes, mass mortalities, entanglement of marine mammals, among others. – Brand protection: SICPA has been leading the market of security solutions for governments and industry for more than 90 years. Each year, we provide protection and traceability for more than 42 billion products around the world. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of product authentication technologies, combining proven materials and pioneering digital solutions for maximum protection. No authentication challenge is too complex to address with our technologies that combine visible and invisible security elements in secure labels specifically designed for your product, business, market and customer needs. – Issuance of secure certificates: SICPA makes available to the market the CERTUS® solution, a Blockchain-based platform that allows you to issue and validate documents ensuring their authenticity, validity and immutability over time. By applying a secure QR code, it can be used on any type of documentation, printed or digital, and can be universally verified thanks to the mobile application developed by SICPA. The solution does not store any information, so privacy is guaranteed.