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DEMARKA: Automating the industry

RFID technology: printing flexibility and label applications, integral solutions for the independence of your processes.

Exhibitors News

Tuesday 22 de February del 2022

With more than 40 years in the market, Demarka is a company that throughout its history has been able to innovate and go with the times. We know what the industry needs, so this year at AquaSur 2022, we will present the best in technology. Our 360° solutions are composed of equipment, supplies and technical support. We want our customers to maximize results and minimize their operational costs; in this way we help industries to grow. We work hand in hand with the best brands in technology; Zebra, Honeywell, Sato, Epson, HID are some of them. This year, at AquaSur 2022, we want those who visit us to interact with our RFID solutions, color printing with Epson, label applicators, and labels resistant to all types of surfaces and weather conditions. We will present a “demo” of our solution “Inventory and search with RFID”, because we know that time optimization, online information of stock movements and the location and traceability of products in less time is what the industry needs to automate their processes. You will be able to interact with this application at our booth and experience the benefits of RFID technology. Adán Cordero, Demarka’s Project and Development Manager, will be the one who will give you all the information you need for your project. In addition, we want you to get to know our color label printing solutions, with our Colorworks line from Epson, a solution that will give you more labeling flexibility for your packaging operations. With this technology, you will no longer have to maintain stocks of printed labels, nor will you have to use a third party to print your color labels quickly. Test the printing of your color labels on site by bringing your label as a PDF file and our Product Manager, Francis Bravo, will be there to guide you through the process. We also invite you to learn about our label applicator solution, which will provide independence to your end-of-line processes. In Demarka we specialize in automation for labeling and coding processes, because we know that it is a requirement of different industries and because the application of adhesive labels on a wide variety of products, environments and shapes requires the precision that human control often can not deliver. These are some of the solutions that we will present at AquaSur 2022, we invite you to visit our booth A334.