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Proterm S.A., a company with more than 30 years supporting the national and international industry.

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Tuesday 22 de February del 2022

AquaSur , the most important fishing and aquaculture exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, to be held between March 2 and 4, 2022 in Puerto Montt, Chile, will have Proterm S.A. as one of its exhibitors. Proterm S.A., a company located in Concepción, has more than 30 years of experience supporting in the areas of environmental measurements and energy to the different sectors of the Chilean industry. Currently, we are a leading company in the areas of particulate matter and gas measurements such as ETFA, thermal process engineering, acoustic engineering and odor engineering. A growing challenge in environmental management is the measurement and mitigation of annoying odors, caused by different production processes, over populated areas, which results in affecting the health and quality of life of people. The cultivation centers and processing plants of hydrobiological resources are not exempt from the generation of annoying odors, so much so that the Ministry of the Environment is preparing a draft standard to regulate the emissions of these items. On the other hand, the Environmental Evaluation Service has prepared guidelines to evaluate the odor component in projects such as salmonid fattening, fishing, hydrobiological resources processing, and sludge treatment plants, among others. In the framework of a sustainable industry, Proterm since 2016 has developed its odor engineering area, incorporating services that address the main aspects for odor management, from diagnosis, control, to monitoring of emissions and their respective precursor gases. During the AquaSur 2022 fair, we will present our development around compliance with the regulatory framework, delving into the main diagnostic techniques such as dynamic olfactometry (NCh3190:2010), odor dispersion modeling, odor measurement with field panelists (NCh3533:2017). For this, we will have the latest available measurement and monitoring technology. Regarding monitoring techniques, Proterm’s new service called VigIA will be presented, which is born from a strategic alliance with the French company Ellona (ex Rubix), a world leader in integrating Artificial Intelligence and Bigdata in the monitoring of pollutants and atmospheric and aquatic environmental variables. Finally, considering the importance and boom of citizen participation, the odor management system with citizen participation called Nasapp will be presented, which allows to generate reports of environmental variables through mobile devices for a prompt management of the main environmental stressors.