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Positive balance of the first version of AquaSur Tech 2023 in the Magallanes region

More than 300 people attended the first version of AquaSur Tech, held in Punta Arenas on March 29 and 39, 2023.

Publicada: Friday 31 de March del 2023
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More than 300 people attended the first version of AquaSur Tech, held in Punta Arenas on March 29 and 39, 2023. The meeting, the first of technological solutions developed for salmon farming, was a bid to connect local producers with global trends in innovation, with the aim of strengthening ties of collaboration and sustainable development. “We are very satisfied, because the objective of bringing together the different actors linked to the sector, who for two days discussed and exchanged knowledge, experiences and needs related to the industry, was achieved. In this sense, we believe that AquaSur Tech is a bridge that allows the industry to generate confidence and build collaborations for the development of a more sustainable industry”, said AquaSur Tech’s manager, Paula Miranda. The event, organized by Fisa, of the GL events Group, which had the support of the Association of Salmon and Trout Producers of Magallanes, presented an exhibition space, a series of workshops and an international congress on transformational aquaculture in which the challenges, opportunities and gaps currently facing salmon farming were discussed. “For two days we were able to organize a meeting of the highest quality in terms of exhibitors, with the participation of producers, suppliers and regional authorities. I think we agree that AquaSur Tech allowed its attendees to meet again and get to know what is being developed at a technological and innovation level for a cleaner and more responsible industry”, said Fisa’s assistant general manager, Rodrigo Lobo. The organization added that the commitment to the industry remains, so Aqua Sur Tech is projected in a new version for 2025. “It is everyone’s responsibility to continue supporting and strengthening this regional space, so important for Magallanes. Today we invite everyone to continue to collaborate and continue to grow in this project,” said Rodrigo Lobo. AquaSur Tech was held at the Dreams Hotel in Punta Arenas, and in this first version, was sponsored by CMPC, Salmofood and Elanco, and was the prelude to what will be the XII version of AquaSur, the largest aquaculture fair in the Southern Hemisphere, which will be held between March 19 and 21, 2024, at the Patagonia Maritime Terminal in Puerto Montt. The calendar of preparatory activities for AquaSur 2024 will continue in August of this year, with the AquaSur 2023 Dinner in Puerto Varas.

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