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Poseidon Ocean Systems Ltd. at AquaSur 2022

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Friday 21 de January del 2022

Poseidon Ocean Systems Ltd. will be present in the new version of AquaSur, an edition that brings together the aquaculture sector of the region and that will have for the first time a hybrid format, face-to-face and virtual, and that will take place from March 2 to 4, in Puerto Montt. Poseidon Ocean Systems Ltd. is a Canadian company, headquartered in Campbell River, British Columbia, which began operations in 2015 providing fish farmers in Western Canada with anchoring materials and engineering. Today, Poseidon continues to offer mooring systems engineering, but goes much further, applying an innovative approach to product development to address many of the complex issues facing today’s aquaculture producers. Also, as part of its objective to support Chilean producers with its solutions and technical and engineering support, Poseidon Ocean Systems started its activities in Puerto Montt, Los Lagos region, in 2021. The company currently has 2 main product lines: Trident Hybrid TM cages and life support systems, via aeration and oxygenation. Trident Hybrid In 2018 Poseidon developed its Trident Hybrid TM fish farming cage system, which was designed to offer a cage certified under NS9415 and comply with all the requirements of Chilean regulations, have a useful life of 20 years, withstand the climatic conditions in more exposed centers, significantly reduce maintenance costs and, in addition, granting very safe working conditions for the personnel in the farming centers. Life Support Systems The Poseidon Ocean Systems engineering team, gathering customer requirements and observing the existing solutions in the market, developed an aquaculture aeration and oxygenation system with the main focus on durability, reliability, practicality and sustainability. The result was the Flowpressor TM, the first air compressor of its kind designed for aquaculture with one critical task in mind: to aerate water as efficiently as possible. The Flowpressor technology has been proven to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 60% compared to existing technologies. These aeration systems are typically used in marine environments to lift higher quality water or displace phytoplankton as needed. Along with Flowpressor, Poseidon Ocean Systems offers the Oxypressor TM add-on which is designed to generate oxygen up to 95% purity at a rate of 155 kg/h (1800 slpm), these Oxypressor systems are poised to reduce operating costs by up to 60% and increase oxygen transfer efficiency by over 700%. In addition, Poseidon Ocean System develops effective protocols to respond to Bloom or oxygen depletion tailored to each producer and farm, transforming a potential loss into a temporary discomfort for the fish. If you plan to attend AquaSur and would like to talk to the experts about aeration or oxygenation, or the future of marine aquaculture systems in general, please contact us in advance and schedule a time to meet, we would love to talk to you, see you at booth #B155.