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Tuesday 22 de February del 2022

This international company, part of Zoetis, will again be present at AquaSur 2022 showcasing its business units and services that support salmon producers. These are years of long and deep experience in animal health. PHARMAQ, part of Zoetis, is a global producer of vaccines and innovative solutions that has integrated businesses and services to support salmon producers in all areas: vaccines, therapeutics, vaccine application technology and diagnostics, and will once again be present at the most important aquaculture fair in the Southern Hemisphere, AquaSur 2022. PHARMAQ, part of Zoetis, a world leader in animal health, has three companies that cover the value chain: detect, prevent and treat. It also responds to high standards, which allows it to offer the industry safe, effective and environmentally friendly vaccines and therapeutics for fish health care. Thus supporting the sustainable growth of aquaculture. “We have products and services with a high-level technology concept. We permanently invest in research and development looking for the best alternatives for Chilean salmon producers. We have a lot of experience in this area and we feel part of the production process of our customers, making aquaculture progress sustainably,” says the General Manager of PHARMAQ Chile, Julio Mendoza. Another innovative business unit is PHARMAQ Fishteq, responsible for the development and manufacture of high quality vaccination machines and equipment, such as the NFT. These semi-automatic machines allow a fast, precise and gentle process, which not only provides the best fish welfare, but also protects fish against potentially fatal diseases. An important entity within the company is the diagnostic laboratory that offers state-of-the-art pathogen detection services as well as high-level technical consultancy. PHARMAQ Analytiq applies specific research and effective analysis with the aim of safeguarding the health and welfare of fish throughout their development, becoming a valuable support for aquaculture producers. Its diagnostic services include clinical pathology, histopathology, microbiology, ultrasound, SmoltVision and Real-time RT-PCR, among others. But it also has a team of veterinarians in the field that allows it to provide services in different parts of the country. For the veterinarian and Business Unit Director of PHARMAQ Analytiq, Carlos Lobos, one of the advantages of our laboratory services and technical assistance is to have a team of leading veterinary pathologists worldwide, with extensive experience and knowledge in fish production and pathology, in multiple species, articulating a systematic routine of inter-consultations between Europe and Chile, exploiting the specialties of each local group. “Our reliable and rapidly available results allow producers and their health advisors to respond quickly to disease challenges and make informed operational and strategic management changes. We also know the importance of up-to-date knowledge, which is why we regularly hold seminars for our customers. We look for global solutions to local problems,” explains Lobos.