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Orza prepares for a new version of AquaSur 2022

Exhibitors News

Thursday 27 de January del 2022

At the beginning of March, the largest fair of national and international aquaculture suppliers will be held in Puerto Montt. Orza arrives to the 2022 version of Aquasur with several new features, among them the implementation of Aqua Sim and Solidword software. In order to validate the structures of the Radal 1 and Antilhue model cages, naval engineers have been integrated to model the cages and subject them to different conditions and thus ensure that they meet the environmental requirements to which they will be exposed. There will be a presentation of the miscellaneous products used for the implementation of the metal cage rafts, which have been rethought and redesigned. There will also be an account of the implementation of new production processes that will focus on the on-time delivery and quality of the parts and pieces manufactured by the company, all of which will be contained in a catalog that will be available online for the industry. Another of the firsts that will be shown is that the implementation of Orza bushings in different centers has demonstrated a long durability, which in some cases guarantees a complete production cycle without having to change them. Finally, it will be possible to know in depth the service area, a team that has a vast experience and knowledge to carry out the exhaustive survey of the state of the structures and buoyancy of the cage rafts, thus being able to detect in time the corrective measures. In this regard, Orza is working hard on the implementation of technology to transmit in real time the status of the centers and shorten the maintenance process.