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NavalPRO makes its launching to the Chilean industry in the AQUASUR 2022 trade show

Exhibitors News

Thursday 27 de January del 2022

NavalPRO is a consulting company focused on the naval and oceanic area, which has cutting-edge tools and modern methodologies to offer quality and innovative projects to various actors in the field such as: Australis Mar, MOWI, Undersecretary of Fisheries, Chilean Navy, OXXEAN, CPT, among others. Our company stands out nationally for being one of the few that performs all its planimetry based on 3D modeling, and also complemented with virtual reality equipment, in order to have a global visualization of each structural element, its circuits, miscellaneous, safety elements, habitability and ornamentation, which optimizes the overall project, avoid construction problems and contribute greatly to safety during operation. We have highly trained professionals focused on finding the best solution to the different needs of the client, giving technical support to the projected design. Likewise, we have specialized in the design and regularization of port works in the coastal area of the city of Puerto Montt, providing structural improvements to docks, shipyards, marinas, among others. Closely linked to the above, our clients have entrusted us with the supervision of regulatory and administrative compliance of vessels, aquaculture corridors, anchorage maneuvering elements, naval artifacts, both steel and reinforced concrete, during their construction, modification and repair, to ensure the quality and efficiency of the final product. The most outstanding project we have developed is the design of the coastal fishing and oceanographic research vessel, which was recently tendered for construction (Tender ID: 4728-52-LR21). The main challenge of this scientific research vessel was to reduce the noise and vibrations it could produce in order to avoid changes in the behavior of biological and fishing resources. The objective of our company is to contribute with our experience in accelerating the process of modernization of processes and structures in the current aquaculture industry and at the same time in the most efficient way considering the resources of each client.