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Marel: Pioneering automation in fish packaging 

Exhibitors News

Thursday 3 de March del 2022

Robotics is catapulting fish processing to a whole new level of optimization and efficiency. Marel’s new RoboBatcher Box revolutionizes the fish processing industry as the first and only robotic packaging machine to use intelligent batching technology. This level of automation benefits processors not only by significantly lowering labor costs, but also by improving food safety, minimizing waste and virtually eliminating human errors that could disrupt the production line. Transforming the way fish is packaged With unmatched speed and accuracy, the RobotBatcher Box automatically fills and shapes up to 24 boxes at a time, with up to 12 different preset jobs, into polystyrene and cardboard cartons for retailers, caterers and other processors. The new RoboBatcher Box is unique in its ability to increase profitability by reducing waste, increasing product utilization and saving on labor. More info: