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Thursday 27 de January del 2022

Aqua Sur, the most important fishing and aquaculture exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, to be held between March 2 and 4, 2022, in Puerto Montt, Chile, will have as one of its exhibiting companies the technology company Lythium. Lythium is a technology company, specialized in video and image analytics powered by artificial intelligence. We operate since 2018, based in Puerto Varas, in the main aquaculture production companies, with clients from other industries in Chile and Latin America. We integrate the latest technologies available worldwide in hardware and develop our own software tailored to each client. Our work methodology is adapted to respond to different problems in the production chain. With this we achieve real solutions to local problems, together with a quality technical service capable of responding in record time to any eventuality. The objective of our solutions is to provide relevant information for decision making. This is achieved by working together with customers, understanding their processes and needs. Through the cameras, we monitor processes without interruption and in their entirety, analyzing different quality and production variables. Currently, we have 2 solutions operating in process plants and other applications under development. The first one, oriented to classify the quality of salmon fillets in a standardized and objective way, capable of being crossed with traceability data to have an integral vision of feeding strategies. The second is an intelligent monitoring system to detect and count whole salmon or objects with an accuracy of over 99%. All our solutions generate a historical record that allows us to analyze production indicators per unit of time, effective working hours, among others. In AquaSur we will show the advances we have achieved thanks to the close work with our customers and the deep work of our team. There is a huge potential to develop technological solutions for the challenges of food production. We propose to let machines, commanded by intelligent algorithms, perform the tasks for which they were designed and train people to perform higher value jobs.