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Keepex, Specialists in Water Cycle Management, Oxygenation – Desalination – Treatment.

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Tuesday 18 de January del 2022

Chilean company founded 12 years ago, which will be present at the XI version of AquaSur 2022, the main exhibition that brings together the most important aquaculture, salmon farming and water resources sector in the region. Keepex, a company specialized in oxygen diffusion in intensive fish farming, industrial processes and water treatment. We are also manufacturers of desalination equipment for the production of drinking water from seawater and representatives of wastewater treatment equipment and on-site chlorine generators. Due to the efficiency of our solutions, we have representatives of our oxygenation systems in several countries in South America and Europe. In Keepex we manufacture oxygen diffusers for cage ponds, culture ponds and water treatment. Our main activity is to provide diffusers capable of supplying the oxygen required by fish in captivity, when they are exposed to strong decreases in the dissolved oxygen content in the water due to oceanographic phenomena. Among this year’s main novelties in the area of oxygenation are the following: Surge chamber, is an accessory that can be incorporated to our traditional oxygen diffusers, this allows to have in the same equipment, a high efficiency oxygen diffuser and a surge diffuser capable of injecting more than 40 CFM, thus generating a movement of clean water and free of primary productivity of 1m3/sec. Bubble curtain is an installation system perimeter to the culture center, which, through the generation of micro bubbles, protects or mitigates the effect of microalgae blooms on fish, acting as a physical barrier and containing the entry of blooms inside the module. In addition, we have a new bath diffuser. This diffuser has ten detachable hose arms in case it is required. It is very easy to install and allows the hose arms to be removed in situ in case of bathing of smaller biomasses, since it has quick and hydraulic connectors with self-locking. As for the area of seawater desalination for drinking water, the main novelty for this year, is the official presentation of our own manufactured reverse osmosis equipment, capable of producing from 5m3/day to 50m3/day, which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, fully sensorized and IoT connection. These allow us to control and monitor the main operating parameters in real time. Their data are analyzed by means of artificial intelligence algorithms, capable of generating predictive alerts of future failures. Finally, we will also present our equipment for the generation of sodium hypochlorite in situ, from brine or seawater. This equipment is mainly aimed at process and sanitary plants that require large daily consumption of chlorine, avoiding transportation and storage. Currently, we have diversified into other industries offering desalination solutions, reuse, water purification and in situ chlorine generation for process plants, municipalities, condominiums, plots and hotels located on the coastline throughout Chile, an area in which we cover projects without production limits.