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Tuesday 22 de February del 2022

The AquaSur fair will gather the aquaculture world in Puerto Montt, Los Lagos region, from March 2 to 4 and one of the represented brands, Yaskawa (Japan), will be present with its intelligent constant pressure system. One of our easiest to use solutions is our intelligent pumping system for constant pressure systems and without the use of a PLC. We achieve this by using the frequency inverters of our represented brand, Yaskawa (Japan) with which we offer a totally simple to operate and 100% reliable system against overpressure failures, pipe ruptures, dry well suction among others. These Variators are specifically designed to work together, so that each one of them has the information of what is happening with the other equipment and, in turn, automatically perform the PID to maintain constant pressure in the face of demand variations. All this without the need to use complex PLCs. The solution consists of a specialized control and maneuvering board for the intelligent control of pumping systems, it has the most economical drive of the iQPump line (iQPump Micro Drive) has maneuvering on the door of the board for the control of each drive per pump, as well as status displays through LED lights that indicate the operation of this, according to the configuration and operation of the pumping system. It is a very simple solution to implement, operate and maintain. Its simplified and user-friendly design is the best option for residential and industrial pumping applications, since its design guarantees protection to personnel and installations, limiting access to energized parts and direct and indirect contacts, thanks to the possibility of operating the drive without intervening in the main panel. It allows the timely adjustment of parameters of the pumping system according to the demand of this, as well as maintaining the constant pressure of the system being easy to configure and ensuring the protection of pumps and motors, total and effective control of pumping systems and constant pressure required by the industry.