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IER Electric at AquaSur 2022

Exhibitors News

Thursday 27 de January del 2022

Between March 2 and 4, in the city of Puerto Montt, AquaSur 2022, the most important aquaculture, salmon farming and water resources exhibition in the southern hemisphere, will be held, where IER Electric will be one of the exhibitors. IER Electric offers comprehensive electrical engineering services for the aquaculture industry, from project conception to implementation and commissioning. Among its services, the energizing service of modules in salmonid farming centers stands out. This service corresponds to the installation of a single electrical network in the module of a culture center, which allows the delivery of electrical energy to the different services and/or equipment (photoperiod, monitoring, perimeter lighting, power washers, compressors, etc.) in a safe, efficient and economical way. Additionally, IER Electric, as a complement to its on-site preventive and corrective maintenance services, has established a specialized workshop, which allows it to offer its clients maintenance and reconditioning services for electrical and electronic equipment commonly used in the industry. Underwater Cameras (monitoring) and CCTV IER Electric launches its monitoring system, which consists of cameras for underwater use, using high resolution IP cameras and wireless transmission systems, to deliver the best image in real time. As a complement to the cameras for underwater use, IER Electric has implemented surface monitoring cameras, which offers a wider field of view and allows for increased security in the cultivation centers.