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Gasco consolidates as strategic partner for the aquaculture industry in the 11th version of aquasur

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Friday 21 de January del 2022

GASCO is an energy solutions company, which in the case of the aquaculture industry in southern Chile, designs, develops and implements projects for both onshore and offshore processes for more than 10 years, with teams of trained professionals, storage infrastructure and flexible distribution logistics. For the processes developed in seawater, GASCO has executed pioneering solutions based on a network of power generation platforms based on liquefied gas that allow to energize mainly fish feeding processes, photoperiod and habitability of a culture center. These solutions have demonstrated advantages over diesel operation in terms of lower fuel and maintenance costs, improved safety by avoiding risks of spills affecting the marine environment and biomass, improved fuel control through remote control/dispatch systems, added information delivery that improves the energy management of each culture center, directly impacting operational costs, and are allowing the displacement of 100% of diesel, originally used for generation. In addition, it provides energy solutions to incinerate mortality from cultivation centers, supply fuel to outboard motors, energy and heating of operation centers. For onshore processes, GASCO has developed energy solutions to power fish farms, both thermal and electrical processes, and for slaughter plants, which allow to be efficient, reduce the carbon footprint and become independent from diesel or heavy oils. It also provides solutions for the supply of liquefied gas, liquefied natural gas, hot water, steam required for industrial processes and liquefied gas supply for forklifts. GASCO understands the relevance of effectively contributing to the carbon neutrality plans of the industry’s customers, so it is developing studies and prototypes to integrate renewable energies to liquefied gas generation, and the use of carbon neutral synthetic liquefied gas. Recently, GASCO has been recognized as the best application with Liquefied Gas of the Global Technology Conference, within the framework of the World Liquefied Gas Conference, developed in Dubai for its project of energy supply network to marine salmon farming centers in Chile. This recognition allows the company to move forward into the future to improve the experience of Chilean salmon farming companies, innovate with new equipment and solutions, and become a key ally for its customers. From these solutions and experiences, GASCO becomes an ally of the entire production process of the salmon industry, developing together with customers, energy projects according to customer needs, efficient and sustainable to contribute to carbon neutrality plans that have been raised many of the actors of this important national industry.