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World experts in aquaculture nets, predator nets, skirts and mooring ropes

Garware presents efficient and sustainable aquaculture solutions at AquaSur 2022

Exhibitors News

Thursday 24 de February del 2022

The international Indian company, main global supplier of nets and ropes with a presence in 75 markets, will show the aquaculture industry its progresses in R&D, the benefits of its new products, which also reduce the carbon footprint and will establish networking, thus strengthening the company’s relations. “We will present our full range of products and solutions that add value to the aquaculture industry. Aquaculture nets, predator nets, X12 anti bloom microalgae and caligus skirts, aqua ropes; highlighting the new generation of HDPE V4 nets that are impregnated with standard water-based antifouling paints, among others. All with a strong focus on the sustainability of operations”, says Francisco Serra, commercial manager of Garware Technical Fibres Chile. The company places great emphasis on the materiality of its products, since it directly affects health and environmental issues, also affecting productivity. Polyethylene fibers are more resistant to abrasion caused by washing and can be 100% recycled, with HDPE nets being easier to recycle compared to nylon and polyester nets. A new development stands out: the impregnable Star HDPE V4 nets, where the impregnation of polyethylene with traditional water-based paints is solved, providing great flexibility, since it adds to the characteristics of a long useful life, low decrease in breaking strength, high resistance to abrasion and UV. Before this innovation, HDPE was difficult to paint with traditional antifoulant paints. Also our V2 Technology will be presented. Polyethylene nets with antifouling technology, where the filaments contain, from their extrusion, metallic copper microparticles that distance cleaning periods in situ by up to 50% and thereby reduce up to 50% cleaning costs, compared to conventional wash-in-place nets. Fewer washes means lower costs and also less stress for the fish, thus ensuring better fish health. With V2 technology, fish nets, predator nets, skirts and ropes can be made. Additionally: the Sapphire Ultracore MBX predator nets, a compact braided net of high density polyethylene fiber with a marine grade stainless steel core, developed to minimize the effects of predator attacks. It has a high resistance to sea lion cuts, five to six times stronger compared to nylon. And its environmental footprint is lower, generating 3 to 4 times less CO2 emissions. And the Skirt or anti Cáligus skirts, a mechanical barrier that surrounds the fish cage, allowing the water to flow and maintaining similar levels of oxygen inside and outside the cage, preventing the entry of lice. Garware Technical Fibres has been operating in global aquaculture since the late 1990s and in Chile since 2014, with a presence in the main aquaculture countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Oceania and Latin America.