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FRIMONT: News to be presented at AquaSur 2022

Exhibitors News

Thursday 27 de January del 2022

AquaSur, the most important fishing and aquaculture exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, will be held for the first time in hybrid format (face-to-face and virtual), between March 2 and 4, 2022, in the city of Puerto Montt, Chile, and will feature the company FRIMONT, as one of its exhibitors. FRIMONT is a company with a clear objective, to be the integral solution to the problem of cooling, refrigeration and heat exchange of industrial processes. FRIMONT’s concept is to provide clear, precise and simple solutions. When FRIMONT joins with a client to tackle a project, it puts at the service of the client, all its organization and capacity to: Develop the engineering of new plants Re-engineering and optimization of existing refrigeration installations. Factory construction of machines and equipment necessary for the project. Complete assembly and construction management. Start-up of projects. Preventive or emergency maintenance, with a comprehensive service infrastructure. This is what FRIMONT offers to its customers on a daily basis, and what they have faithfully rewarded over the years. The works and services performed by FRIMONT strengthen ties and develop a great technical and human reliability. NEWS AT AQUASUR 2022 The novelties that FRIMONT will have available for the present fair AQUASUR 2022, regarding processes or technologies are the following: 1. Spiral Freezing Tunnels, for whole fish. Manufacturer: Nantong Square Technology. Equipment installed in Chile: Yes Capacity: 6,000 kg/hr Location: Puerto Natales Evaporation T°: -40°C Spiral freezing tunnel with low voltage double drums produced by Square Technology; they are used for freezing whole salmon. They are equipped with high-efficiency sanitary evaporators, which use a state-of-the-art method of supplying the refrigerant liquid with 20% higher heat exchange efficiency than traditional freezers. In addition, it uses a symmetrical and smooth circular air duct design that improves heat exchange. They are equipped with stainless steel mesh belts with food grade V-bracket. They are supplied with an intelligent central control system with automatic detection and alarm device, which provides greater safety for users in operation and maintenance. 2. Thor Ice – Gel Ice Systems Thor Ice slush ice is a low temperature “slush”, the size of each ice crystal is thousands of times smaller than a small piece of flake ice, and produces a higher heat transfer than any other type of ice form. Spherical crystals possess good flow properties, allowing easy circulation through pumps and pipes. Flowing into all spaces, providing greater contact with the surface, increasing cooling rates compared to traditional forms of ice cooling (flake, block, etc.). Gel ice can be produced with different density levels, from 10% to more than 90%. This makes it feasible to apply to different types of products, independent of the size, type or temperature to be cooled. Offering 10 to 40 times more cooling capacity than chilled water. Thor Ice’s patented modular technology allows for more economical operations and improves product surface texture, a key parameter in quality control. Among the advantages of this technology are: -Provides rapid cooling and lower T°, which will reduce bacterial growth and extend product shelf life. -Increases production capacity, without making modifications to existing cooling chambers and processing lines. -Keeps moisture inside the product, cooling it quickly. By pre-cooling the freezers, you will have shorter freezing times, reducing time and costs. Maintain and improve results with proactive data monitoring, logging and temperature control during processing, with on-line monitoring and specialized data. -Patented gel ice firing system. -Efficient and environmentally friendly operation with ammonia refrigerant. 3. Adiabatic condensers, condensing at minimum water consumption. There are some cases where the ambient temperature does not allow to obtain the required capacity: Thermokey has developed an automatic system that allows an adiabatic lowering, just before the saturation limit on the psychrometric chart, of the air temperature next to the fin pack. AFS: The innovative principle of this solution is the combination of high pressure water (10-16 bar) and the atomization effect of the nozzles, also known as the “MISTING” effect, with a specially designed electronic control system. WFS: This solution combines, instead, water at low pressure with a jetting effect of the nozzles, which contributes to the adiabatic saturation of the air together with an evaporation effect due to the wet fins. The amount of water consumed is the amount strictly necessary to obtain the desired adiabatic effect.