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Espacio Conekta ULagos to present at AquaSur 2022 Fair

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Thursday 27 de January del 2022

The Aqua Sur fair will bring together the aquaculture world in Puerto Montt, from March 2 to 4. One of the major university projects awarded during 2021, was the Innovation in Higher Education (InES) “Strengthening of capacities in Innovation, Technology Transfer and scientific-technological entrepreneurship, based on a collaborative network of R & D, to increase the competitiveness of the Los Lagos region”. The project installs the Conekta ULagos Space in the city of Puerto Varas in order to bring together the research, development and innovation capabilities of the University of Los Lagos and put them at the service of the environment, along with the articulating dynamism of a decisive and experienced team, from the conception of ideas with impact, to their validation and implementation on a commercial or industrial scale. An articulating purpose between academia and the environment, which seeks to increase the probability of success when innovating within an organization with the objective of protecting, developing, validating and pre-commercially scaling the initiatives of entrepreneurs, internal research teams and functional areas of innovation and operations in medium and large companies. In this regard, Benjamin Pinochet – Head of Conekta Space says that “it is a center of interaction between the University of Los Lagos, the regional industry, the entrepreneurial sector and the community. We understand that the regional challenges that are increasingly complex have a possible solution that is even more so, that is where the University plays a key role in research and development of solutions together with the business mass where technology transfer is key to innovation”. The Universidad de Los Lagos, in Espacio Conekta, acts as a catalyst for innovation based on scientific-technological research for organizations that wish to innovate for the first time, mitigating the risk from the project management and technical development of this together with the social capital that includes, from technological resources, so you can carry out the innovation processes, to specialist academic human capital for the development of the research of your innovation project within the house of studies. AquaSur 2022-ULagos It is within the framework of the AquaSur 2022 fair, which will take place between March 2 and 4, that the Conekta ULagos Space will make its first presentation to the public, thus bringing the aquaculture world closer to the installation of the new development space offered by the University of Los Lagos through its professional team for the growth of the region. Paola Ballerino, Director of Innovation and Technology Transfer, highlighted the participation of the University in the 2022 version of Aqua Sur “In this version of Aquasur, the Universidad de Los Lagos wants to show mainly its capacity to articulate research, development and innovation with the productive environment of the aquaculture sector. This is why we wanted to present our space Conekta ULagos, which is a meeting point for the different actors of the innovation ecosystem located in Puerto Varas, but at the service of the entire region. As a public and regional university, our mission is to make available our R&D capabilities to solve the challenges faced by the territory in a logic of open innovation, where collaborative networks will be the main pillar of this initiative”.