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EcoSea: Pioneers in Sustainable Aquaculture

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Friday 21 de January del 2022

EcoSea will be present at the new version of AquaSur, an edition that brings together the aquaculture sector of the region and that will be held for the first time in a hybrid format, in person and online, from March 2 to 4, in Puerto Montt. Traditional aquaculture has been forced to farm fish in protected areas, which have presented different environmental and health problems. EcoSea has developed a cage raft technology for sustainable fish production in areas where it was not thought possible, taking care of animal welfare and reducing environmental impacts. In the last 12 years, EcoSea has installed more than 70 of these systems in the world, allowing the cultivation of more than 50 thousand tons of fish. After more than 10 years of continuous operation, 3 culture centers in Chile have been recycled, reducing the carbon footprint and avoiding the use of nylon nets and anti-founling paints. In this eleventh version of AquaSur, visitors to the EcoSea stand will be able to learn about the advances in operation and sustainability obtained during the last few years, promoting ocean aquaculture worldwide. These include, in Chile, the Ocean Aquaculture Program with CORFO support, which completed the first stage in 2021 with a submersible cage of 40 meters in diameter, obtaining significant benefits associated with animal welfare, productive and operational results. At the international level, a 20-meter diameter submersible cage was harvested in Japan for the production of Seriola in the Oshima area, which allowed the producer to successfully avoid unfavorable ocean conditions due to typhoons. Additionally, last November, the first submersible cage raft for Coho salmon production began operating in Kamaishi, a site located in northern Japan, 8 kilometers from the coast, which faces adverse climatic and oceanic conditions. The participants of the fair will be able to know our products and learn about this pioneering technology worldwide, which is changing paradigms in the aquaculture industry and opening new horizons for a better future for all.