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Crosspipe Systems S.A. will be present at AquaSur 2022, with PEXGOL AQUA, Intelligent Piping specially designed for the Aquaculture Industry.

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Friday 21 de January del 2022

AquaSur 2022, the most important aquaculture, salmon farming and water resources exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, will be held in Puerto Montt from March 2 to 4, where Crosspipe Systems S.A., a Chilean company, leader in the manufacture and commercialization of Pexgol pipes and fluid transport solutions for the mining, industrial, fishing, oil and gas, and especially for the aquaculture industry, will be one of the exhibitors. Pexgol Aqua is the line of Pexgol Pipes, specially designed for the aquaculture industry and covering a wide range of diameters, from 63mm to 500mm, covering different applications in the whole fish farming process. For more than 7 years, different companies in the salmon farming industry in Chile and in the world, have witnessed the excellent performance of Pexgol Piping, adding value to the operational efficiency of the fish feeding processes and all this supported by its extraordinary advantages, some of which are mentioned below: Resistance to wear 3 to 5 times higher than conventional polyethylene, this longer useful life allows practically no maintenance and repairs to the feeding lines during the whole fattening cycle of the culture center. This also generates the possibility of reusing the Pexgol Pipes in more than one cycle or to be transferred to other centers of lesser demand, being a substantial contribution to the Circular Economy. Its extraordinarily smooth internal surface, superior to any type of polyethylene, allows to reduce drastically the volumes of fines and broken which results in a more efficient feeding process. Thanks to its cross-linking process, Pexgol Aqua pipe has an extraordinary mechanical resistance, avoiding breaks at the exit of the revolver caused by the fatigue generated by the undulatory movements, it generates resistance to the propagation of faults and thanks to its “relaxation” capacity it resists external pressures without being damaged. Thanks to its flexibility it can be supplied in rolls up to 500m long, which means that there is less or no electrofusion coupling from the pontoon to the cages.