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CLEXTRAL: Extrusion Lines for Fish Feed Production

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Thursday 27 de January del 2022

AquaSur 2022, the most important fishing and aquaculture exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, will be held from March 2-4, in the city of Puerto Montt, Los Lagos region, Chile and CLEXTRAL will participate as one of the exhibitors of this version. To date, Clextral and its industrial partners have installed more than 100 fish feed processing plants worldwide, including facilities producing more than 34 tons of pellets per hour. In addition, Clextral works together with research institutes in several countries to develop technology and recipes for aquaculture. Focusing initially on salmonids, the R&D team has developed in recent years specific recipes for new benthic and pelagic species: trout, turbot, cod, yellowtail, sea bass, sea bream, shrimp, among others. Clextral’s systems produce fish feeds that help improve animal health, reduce costs and preserve sustainability: – Quality nutritional characteristics: protein denaturation, starch gelatinization, anti-nutrient reduction, flavor enhancement, protein/complex lipid balance, improved digestibility, controlled texture, expansion and density, hygienic and salmonella-free pellets. – Ingredient flexibility: Ideal for processing a wide range of raw materials, achieving continuous processing and fast conversion times. – Total control of process parameters and automated system: Ideal for ensuring product quality and consistency. – Accuracy in food shape and dimensions: Calibrated from 0.5 to 30.0 mm. – Production range: From 25 to 34,000 kg/h. – Intensified processing: Allows for reduced water and energy consumption. In its national subsidiary, Clextral Chile has all the support to serve fishfeed producers throughout the South American continent and, particularly, in southern Chile. Clextral aims to expand sustainable aquaculture in order to achieve greater food security and improve economic development worldwide. Extrusion technology is useful to reduce the level of anti-nutrients and to substitute traditional fish feed with plant-derived feed.