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Ceragon PointLink: Stabilized radio links for the modernization of aquaculture processes.

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Thursday 27 de January del 2022

The AquaSur 2022 fair will bring together the aquaculture world in the city of Puerto Montt, from March 2 to 4, and will have Ceragon as one of its exhibitors. A wide range of automated monitoring devices, intelligent feeding systems, remotely operated underwater vehicles and intelligent camera systems coexist in marine aquaculture, generating Petabytes (millions of Gigabytes) of data every day. Monitoring, sensing and sending all this data, including real-time video, voice and data communications to a shore-based control center, requires a high-bandwidth, low-latency network. With Ceragon’s wireless technologies, offshore production centers can extend their reach and elevate their quality of service by benefiting from uninterrupted, high-performance, 24/7 stabilized connections. Ceragon’s PointLink solution, designed for offshore connectivity, supports a wide range of radio units, from point-to-point (PtP) microwave systems, point-to-multipoint (PtMP) systems, to LTE backhaul. Designed with a technology-agnostic approach, PointLink Access establishes high-capacity communications over a range of 40 km-70 km from ground-based base stations. The advantages for offshore production centers in having a stabilized antenna solution along with the flexibility to use different radio technologies and high-capacity antennas are as follows: 1. Deliver higher capacity and more reliable coverage compared to an omnidirectional or fixed antenna solution, allowing the network to deliver up to 8 times more capacity compared to limited, non-stabilized omnidirectional antenna solutions. 2. Maintain reliable connectivity and performance by eliminating interference. The stabilized nature of LTE / 4G / Wi-Fi / MMOO antennas, with the base station as the focal point, ensures that interference coming from various directions (e.g. other network users, signals and even on land) has little or no impact on the expected service experience of offshore centers. 3. Maintain stable and uninterrupted communications completely independent of the movement of the pontoon or ship (e.g. positioning, roll, yaw, pitch, roll) while also ensuring that service is not affected by environmental factors. 4. Avoid costly subsea fiber optic deployments, and changes to the terrestrial network. Ceragon enables offshore production centers to have secure, reliable, high-capacity communications at a very low cost per bit. As such, fish farmers wishing to incorporate broadband at sea will be able to optimize their processes, speed up decision making and become more efficient.