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Cavitation, the technology that revolutionizes cleaning in aquaculture.

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Friday 21 de January del 2022

Aqua Sur, the most important fishing and aquaculture exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere, will be held for the first time in hybrid format (face-to-face and virtual), between March 2 and 4, 2022 in Puerto Montt, Chile. Tegnonaval, one of the exhibiting companies, which achieved the penetration of the Caviblaster machine in the port industry, is now emerging strongly in crop cleaning. Although, at the beginning, it was used only for cleaning between cycles, today it is strongly emerging in the cleaning of fish nets and seaweed nets. One of its main attributes is the safety it provides to operators, even being able to dispense with them being directed by ROVs. In Chile, cavitation is already used for cleaning in the shipping and port industry; however, due to the lack of damage it generates, both to the crops and to the organisms it releases, it is presented as an attractive alternative in the aquaculture industry. According to the NOTVASK 2019 study by Norway’s SINTEF, cavitation is the only cleaning method that does not damage the nets in crops in the cleaning process, and can even clean impregnated nets, if the legislation allows it. Caviblaster machines use CAVITATION for underwater cleaning, using lower pressures than traditional equipment, being more efficient, friendly and safer for underwater cleaning than traditional pressure washers. They clean all types of surfaces without damaging them or contaminating the environment, effectively eliminating all types of organisms. organisms, being able to clean nowadays crop centers and structures. About TEGNONAVAL Tegnonaval is the Chilean company that is the exclusive representative of Caviblaster in Chile, the only one with true cavitation, who with its 4 years of research in the country and the direct relationship with the American supplier, have managed to develop new tools for the industry, in addition to its traditional double thrust gun, today are available the dome for smooth surfaces and disc for cleaning nets, specially designed for the local context.