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BLUEGROVE: Autonomous feeding to optimize production results.

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Thursday 27 de January del 2022

At AquaSur 2022, aquatech company Bluegrove, also known as CageEye will present, as a solution, an autonomous feeding system that helps Chilean salmon producers optimize fish growth while improving feed conversion rate and fish welfare. Bluegrove uses hydroacoustic sensor technology to monitor fish movement in the cages and combines that information with biological and environmental data. The system uses intelligent algorithms to interpret and act on it. The system generates its own decisions about when and how much the fish should eat, based on the data, information and objective analysis of the fish’s appetite. Acoustic sensors very accurately observe how the fish move and accumulate in the cages, which means that the appetite-based decision engine knows exactly when the fish are hungry and when to finish with the food. This helps the autonomous feeding machine understand the fish, so if and when they are hungry, it will respond by providing food. The hydroacoustic sensors retrieve data from the cages, are low maintenance and work independent of light or visibility. While a camera observes 1 to 3% of the cage, these sensors observe about 70% of the entire cage. Bluegrove’s autonomous feeding system is currently being used by salmon farmers in Chile and Norway. Other solutions to be presented at the booth: Loke Cone Feed Spreader The Loke Cone Feed Spreader is an extremely robust distributor developed in conjunction with Salmar, which delivers a wide and uniform feed distribution and helps to optimize feeding.Mid-Norwegian Ring This Bluegrove aeration system raises the water in the cage from the bottom up to provide continuous water circulation in the upper levels. It circulates the water to create a more homogeneous environment throughout the water column. Find out more about our feeding and water management solutions and visit our booth at Aqua Sur, B101.