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Balko to participate in Aqua-sur 2022

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Monday 28 de February del 2022

Within the framework of the AquaSur 2022 Fair, BALKO, which brings together its collaborative companies Chileplast, Polymetal, San Aurelio, Trichile, Polinox and Tri Servicios, will be present in its digital version, through AQUASUR CONNECT. BALKO was born from the integration of the capabilities, maturity and knowledge, generated during the 12 years of contribution to the aquaculture industry, of each of the companies that compose it: CHILEPLAST: Factory of plastic products for industrial use, such as Bins, Counterweights, Pallet, Ponds, Watertight Boxes. POLYMETAL: Factory of aquaculture support equipment for feeding and operation activities. SAN AURELIO: Machinery and structure manufacturing, repairs and general maintenance. TRICHILE: Provides underwater robotic and environmental services. POLINOX: Engineering and design of automated fish mortality extraction systems and water upwelling generation system. TRISERVICIOS: A company that provides solutions for Integral Silage Logistics Systems, which cover the broad requirements of the industry, such as: removal – chopping, silage – stockpiling and stabilization and hydrolyzing. As it is already a tradition, during the Aquasur Fair, BALKO celebrates in its facilities the BALKO DAY activity, in which all its customers are invited to share, know the news and new developments of the companies, being an important instance of conversation in favor of continuous improvement.