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At AquaSur 2022, Sensitech will present TT Geo Eagle.

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Thursday 27 de January del 2022

Sensitech is the leading provider of cold chain visibility solutions, enabling our customers, global leaders in food and pharmaceutical products, to track and control assets, throughout the supply chain, protecting the value, quality and temperature integrity of their products. New to be presented by Sensitech at AquaSur 2022 will be TT Geo Eagle, a complete real-time solution to visualize, manage and improve your supply chain. Benefits: -You will be able to manage the quality and control of your products in transit. Manage the quality and control of your food products while they are in transit, through Sensitech’s complete real-time solution. You can gain complete visibility into the status of your products as they are transported to your customers. Simply initiate a shipment and place a TempTale® GEO Eagle monitor. Cloud-based SensiWatchTM Tracks will start generating location and temperature reports, so you always know where your products are and in what condition. Through automatic alerts you will be notified via text message or email if your shipment has any problems. Improve customer satisfaction, through the data that is stored, allowing you to make decisions or continuous improvements. By leveraging SensiWatch Tracks, you can gain insight into your route performance, help reduce rejects and product loss. Real-time data will provide information as events occur. Historical data will provide information on supply chain routes and general practices to help drive improvements. You can send maps and current location data to help collaborate with your network and customers when your products are In transit, with alerts, you can work with supply chain partners to intervene if there are temperature variations or to help manage expectations of your customers with late arrivals.