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At AquaSur 2022, Kran will present on the development and application of nanobubbles.

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Friday 21 de January del 2022

In the next edition of AquaSur 2022, an exhibition that brings together the aquaculture sector, to be held in Puerto Montt, between March 2 and 4, the company Kran will exhibit its areas of development and application of nanobubbles. In the development area, Kran will exhibit the nanobubble generator equipment and its properties, through visual “experiments”, which will make the public easily understand the science of nanobubbles and everything related to the technical area of our company. In the area of applications, all of Kran’s successful applications will be presented, such as the recognized remediation of the seabed through the use of nanobubbles and new applications that will be a milestone for the industry in 2022, such as seabed maintenance, increasing the useful life of the raw material and wastewater treatment.