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ASANO Global Co. at AquaSur 2022

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Tuesday 22 de February del 2022

ASANO Global is an international supplier of “ASANO” stainless steel products. “ASANO” fishing gear are made by ASANO metal Industry Co., Ltd has 70 tears history of designing and manufacturing fishing gear. “ASANO” stainless fishing gear is widely used throughout Japan and has been getting popular in around the world in a decade. Our attentive ear to customer feedback has helped make us a leader in the fishing industry, through the planning and development of a wide range of stainless-steel products, each uniquely focused on solving customer needs. At our heart is an insistence on questioning the status quo for existing products and services. Driven by our mission, to continue offering our customers the finest options, we remain dedicated to the unending pursuit of improvement, always asking ourselves: how can we make our products and services even better? At Asano Global, we look forward to delivering innovative new products to our customers worldwide, created through our specialized know-how and the proven technology we have developed over the years. Product Name: Auto Shackle Type 4 Item Number: AK18250 Descriptions: ASANO’s Auto Shackle Type 4 was designed to reduce diver’s work upon washing nets and salmons in sea farming processes. You can release weights that are connected to nets to maintain the shape by pulling a rope or wire. You don’t need to arrange the diver’s work. It can keep divers safer and give much time and cost benefits to salmon farmers. The bigger one is now in the process of production.