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AquaSur 2023 International Congress: Main actors in the sector analyze Transformational Aquaculture

The seminar presented and analyzed key data, highlighting advances in innovation and technology, seeking progress in the blue transformation, projected for 2030.

Publicada: Thursday 30 de March del 2023
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The seminar presented and analyzed key data, highlighting advances in innovation and technology, seeking progress in the blue transformation, projected for 2030. At the event, the organizers informed about the international exhibition and congress AquaSur 2024, which will be held in the Los Lagos region, in a new venue that will once again be located in front of the sea. More than 40 exhibitors participated in the International Seminar “Transformational Aquaculture” held on the second day of the AquaSur Tech meeting. The event brought together representatives from the public and private sectors, academia and producers, in which 5 panels were held to discuss various topics, including: – “Reports and sustainability: the importance of Science and data in the commitments and advances in aquaculture, the science we need for the region we want”; “Transformations from the base for Sustainability/From R&D+i to the technologies that the industry requires and their implementation in production”, “Food and innovation applied to sustainable production: Numbers for efficiency and optimization for Sustainability/Food and innovation applied to sustainable production and its impact on reporting and transformation”; “Technologies for IoT data collection and cutting-edge infrastructures” and “Integration of data and science to decision making”. The space brought together a hundred attendees, and created the right environment for industry players to analyze, interact and link to solve the gaps and challenges that aquaculture currently faces. “The path towards the sustainability of the sector requires everyone’s commitment. We need greater public-private articulation, a closer link between science and business, and venture capitalists who are capable of following the path of innovations and new technologies,” explained AquaSur Tech’s manager, Paula Miranda. Participants valued the role of the seminar in presenting timely information, scientific knowledge, data collection, innovation and technology in decision making, particularly to advance the blue transformation, projected for 2030. “It is very important to talk and even more so from the territory, from the Magallanes Region, and with the presence of all the actors of the industry, about the things that are happening today here and in this productive activity,” said the representative of the Center for Antimicrobial Management (CASA) of the University of Chile, Alicia Gallardo, who presented “OMSA and its research centers to address relevant problems, the case of CASA”. The researcher stressed that the world is constantly changing and in recent times, international organizations, such as FAO and OMSA, have turned to promote public-private partnerships, supported by science. “It is important to find points of collaborative work that allow us to advance and reduce existing gaps, hand in hand with science and innovation. For this reason, spaces like AquaSur Tech, become a place for permanent dialogue.” AQUASUR 2024 During the closing of the congress, the 12th version of AquaSur was officially announced, to be held between March 19 and 21, 2024, which, in its new version, will have an exhibition space and international congress located at the Patagonia Maritime Terminal in Puerto Montt. The exhibition of the most important sector in the Southern Hemisphere will be displayed in more than 20 thousand square meters of exhibition space, where more than 350 exhibitors from 35 countries will participate, projecting the visit of more than 30 thousand industry professionals and decision makers. The exhibition will bring together representatives of the aquaculture sector in a face-to-face format, and will be aligned with the path towards the Blue Transformation, outlined by the UN until 2030, highlighting the role of aquaculture in global food security, providing our platform for the exchange of technologies and experiences. “At the meeting, products and services related to the aquaculture industry will be displayed in an improved and high-level scenario facing the sea. We hope to convene both national and international players,” said Rodrigo Lobo, Fisa’s deputy general manager. “It is very important to keep the aquaculture sector connected, which is why we invite the entire aquaculture industry to be part of AquaSur 2024, to promote collaborative work and maintain the contact networks that are of utmost importance for the Chilean aquaculture world,” Lobo concluded.

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