General information

Why visit AquaSur 2018?

AquaSur invites you to take part in the most important international aquaculture fair in the southern hemisphere to be held in October 2018, in the capital of Chilean salmon: Puerto Montt.

AquaSur will bring together exhibitors from the five continents and over 40 countries to show their products and acquire and exchange knowledge. It is an excellent opportunity to know and roam around the aquaculture industry in a single place to learn about the latest developments in products, services and technologies that are taking place in this fascinating activity in Chile and globally.

AquaSur is the perfect place for investors, businessmen, executives, professionals, researchers, students and the media to exchange knowledge about aquaculture and at the same time discover new opportunities to generate ties and pin down future businesses.


  • Total 72.000sqm, with an exhibition area of ​​14,500 m2.
  • Parking for 1,500 vehicles.
  • Restaurant and cafeteria with 300 seats.
  • Bathrooms for men and women.
  • Entry and Registration

The organization recommends the event for people over 18, except Saturday (day dedicated to family).
Admission is free for visitors with invitation and accreditation online, including visitor’s guide.

Show hours

Wednesday to Friday: 10:30 to 19: 00hrs. / Saturday: 11:00 to 14:00 hrs.


CLP $ 12,000 (USD 20)


Aquasur organized by Technopress is part of Editec Publishing Group, technical and business publishing leader of Chile. With 35 years of experience, EDITEC makes technical publications covering the most important economic sectors. Its portfolio includes the production and editing of the Chilean Mining, Electricity, Latinominería, Aqua and Lignum journals, abstracts and studies, websites, newsletter services and organisation of conferences and trade fairs.

Exhibitors of AQUA SUR 2018

To register and participate in the IX International Aquaculture Exhibition there are three alternatives:

1) Online registration:

If you are over 18 and perform any activity related to aquaculture, you can register online once the registration process is open. For this you must complete the form with the required details and your card will be delivered at the entrance of the enclosure.

Admission is free and spaces are limited.

2) Direct Registration:

If you register on the site you must cancel a total of $ 15,000 (USD 25).

3) Registration for students in higher education:

If you have your certificate of higher education student, you can apply for registration at the IX International Exhibition of Aquaculture, writing before August 29, 2018 to

Will make the final confirmation before 22 September 2018. Admission is free and spaces are limited.